Middle School Math (MSM) Tutors

Los Angeles, CA

“As Americans, math is a core element to building the workforce demanded by the 21st century, STEM-driven economy. As citizens of the world, it’s essential to engaging more people, and particularly more people across race, class, gender, ability, and sexual orientation, in tackling the ever-growing environmental, social, and health challenges that threaten our current and future well-being. For this reason, among others, we must keep our students too often left behind in math (and STEM and education more broadly) front and center in this work, whether they are female, come from low-income homes or communities, have learning differences, or are marginalized because of their race, ethnic identity, or experience. All students need and deserve to experience math with joy and authenticity.” 100Kin10, “Doing the Math”, September 2019

With support from the Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, the EnCorps MSM program will focus on improving math literacy for underserved middle school students in four Partnership LA middle schools. Working with classroom teachers and math coaches, twenty (20) MSM Expert Tutors are serving as after-school middle school math tutors for eighty (80) PLAS students. MSM Expert Tutors aim to increase students’ math literacy and overall achievement in math as evaluated by the students’ classroom teachers within one academic year.