Krisztina Hagey-EnCorps STEM Teacher

Krisztina Hagey

EnCorps STEM Teaching Fellow – 2013 Cohort
Former Architect and Urban Planner
Math and Engineering Teacher, Hoover High School

Krisztina Hagey’s journey into teaching began when her daughter was in middle school and she realized that students don’t like math. Having immigrated from Hungary, her educational background was quite different than that of U.S. students. Hagey became an architect and urban planner shortly after earning her degrees in Hungary.

Hagey’s classroom buzzes with students chattering about math and their upcoming final exams. Students are excited about playing an online math competition.

She is revealing to students the everyday and workforce applications of math. One of Hagey’s students says, “She tells stories about what she used to do and how it applies with architecture and math to engage us more.”

Now in her fifth year teaching, Hagey serves as a teacher-leader at the school level and with EnCorps. She has hosted a student teacher in her classroom and facilitated EnCorps professional development sessions for new Fellows.

“They are always surprised when I say, I used to be an architect or an engineer.”